Graph Neural Networks (GNN) have been recently proposed to learn, model and generalize over graph structured data. Computer Networks are fundamentally graphs, and many of its relevant characteristics -such as topology and routing- are represented as graph-structured data. In this context, GNN are a central tool to apply ML techniques to Computer Networks. GNN can learn the relationship of complex network characteristics and build relevant models that can be useful to plan and manage the network. In addition and in combination with Deep-Reinforcement Learning (DRL) techniques, GNN can help developing autonomous network optimization mechanisms that result in unprecedented performance, achieving the ultimate vision of self-driving networks.

The Barcelona Neural Networking Center (BNN-UPC) has been created as an initiative of Prof. Albert Cabellos and Prof. Pere Barlet at UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya) with the main goals of carrying fundamental research in the field of Graph Neural Network applied to Computer Networks, and educating and training the new generation of students.


We have several Graduate Research Assistantships leading to PhD (Doctoral degree) in the areas of Graph Neural Networking.

We are particularly interested in candidates with AI, neural networks, computer networks (routing, SDN, protocol design), deep mathematical backgrounds with Master or equivalent degrees. Candidates with mathematics, statistics or data-sciences will be more than welcome.

Please submit your resume to: recruiting@bnn.upc.edu with subject line: “PHD at BNN-UPC“



Prof. Albert Cabellos

Co-founder and Director

Prof. Pere Barlet-Ros

Co-founder and Scientific Director

Dr. Krzysztof Rusek

Data Scientist

Albert López-Brescó

Head of Engineering

Dr. Sergi Abadal

PostDoc Researcher

José Suárez-Varela

PhD Student

Paul Almasan

MSc Student

Maria Gkotsopoulou

MSc Student

Sergi Carol

BSc Student

Albert Canyelles

BSc Student